Ten Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Next MOT

Ten Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Next MOT

Ten Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Next MOT

MOTs can be stressful, so much so that millions of Brits are said to suffer from ‘MOT anxiety.’ But a few simple steps can save you money and maximise your car’s chances of passing…

Read The Driver’s Manual 

Have you ever read your car’s driver’s manual? Probably not. But you should make an effort to do so. Why? Because it’s full of precious nuggets of information, including the lifespan of individual components and parts; and when they’ll need to be replaced. Follow the advice given by the manual over anyone else; the manufacturer knows best.

Drive Smoothly And Gently 

The best way to achieve peace of mind before an MOT is to recall how smoothly you’ve been driving…You have been driving smoothly, haven’t you? Excessive acceleration and harsh / late braking will all contribute to premature wear and tear. That basically guarantees steeper servicing and maintenance bills later down the line. Keep your movements and manoeuvres steady and both your car and your wallet will thank you later.

Check Your Lights

Did you know that nearly 20% of MOT failures come from a light-related faults? That’s particularly amazing when you consider how simple, and affordable, swapping a light bulb is. In fact, it’s usually so simple for most models that you can do it yourself. Before driving to the garage, check all of your lights; front and back. You’ll need someone to help you do this.

Look After Your Tyres

Tyres can be expensive to replace, especially if more than one is past its prime. Driving smoothly will reduce the wear on your tyres tread depth and also reduce the risk of damage. Before your MOT, ensure that each tyre has the right pressure level; your driver’s manual will specify what’s correct. You can check that your tread depth is legal by using the so-called 20p test. Place a 20p coin in one of the grooves. If the lower edge is submerged, you’re good to go.

Compare Prices Online

Never accept a price at a garage at face value. You have every right to assess your options and to shop around. If you fail your MOT, the garage won’t be able to let you drive away as the vehicle isn’t road legal. However, you can still contact another garage and get it transported to them if they have a superior price. Taking the time to haggle and compare prices can save you a surprising amount of money. So why wouldn’t you?

Repairs, Not Replacements

Research has revealed that drivers can save up to £3,000 simply by opting to repair components rather than replacing them. A large amount of faults can be repaired and safely; always ask about this option when a problem emerges. If one garage says they won’t do it, another may. Some unscrupulous garages will charge for replacements they haven’t actually made. So if you do opt fora  replacement, ask them to leave old components in your car’s boot.

Get Extended Car Warranty 

It doesn’t matter how much you look after your car, it’ll deteriorate as it ages; all you can do is slow down the process. If you are driving an older car, it may make sense to purchase an extended car warranty policy. This will make it more affordable to tackle more frequent, and probably more expensive, faults and technical issues.

Use A Trustworthy Garage

Professional garages will only charge you what you owe for parts and labour; plain and simple. In addition, there’s less chance they’ll try to ‘up-sell’ needless repairs or checks simply in order to maximise their profits. When looking for a garage, do your research and look for any reviews they’ve received; also make sure they’re regulated.

Keep A Detailed Service History 

Not every mechanic or garage wants to take you for a ride. Believe it or not, many of them are passionate about what they do and want to treat their customers with respect. In this case, you should help them to do as good a job as possible. Keeping a detailed service history to hand means the garage will have a broader and more accurate understanding of your vehicle and the attention it might need; this helps deal with cheaper and smaller problems before they become more expensive and larger ones.

Stay In Financial Control 

There’s two things all good garages do. First of all, they’ll give you a quote at the start of the process before any work starts. This means you know how much you’re going to be paying for the repairs your car needs. In addition, should they discover other problems throughout the process, they won’t carry out work without your permission. That is to say, they’ll get in touch, explain the problem, readjust your initial quote and wait for your permission to continue. This means you’re in financial control throughout the process and avoid any surprise bills.

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