Why EV’s Should Consider a Guaranteed Maintenance Contract

Despite having fewer moving parts, EV’s still require regular servicing and maintenance.

Why do EV’s need a maintenance contract?

EV’s are continuously being introduced into the market. EV manufacturers, should always consider offering a maintenance contract when selling vehicles. EV’s do have fewer mechanical parts however, there are still some areas that will need to be maintained. Just like any other vehicle the brakes, tyres, coolant and pollen filter will need to be checked and occasionally changed.

Braking System

In addition to conventional brakes, EVs have regenerative braking systems. Some of the energy that is lost when braking is usually fed back to the batteries. Like all vehicles, EVs still need new brake pads and discs overtime as well has brake fluid changed every two years.

Tyre Checks

EVs have been designed to need specialist tyres because they have been designed to cope with additional weight due to the vehicles battery and acceleration. When needing to change tyres it is dependant on the driver style and condition as some tyres will last up to 30,000 miles whereas others can only last 10,000.  Generally, they produce less rolling resistance and create less noise.

The Coolant

An EVs cooling system can be complex due to them being sealed, requiring trained technicians to access, check and maintain them correctly. The coolant is used to manage the temperature of the vehicles battery. How quickly the coolant is used up will vary between each manufacturer.

Pollen Filter

The pollen filter is another part of an EV which will need to be maintain correctly due to it capturing any debris or bacteria, stopping them from entering the vehicle.

What are the benefits of a Guaranteed Maintenance contract?

As the EV market continues to expand, the availability of Guaranteed Maintenance contracts will benefit drivers. Not only will drivers have piece of mind but they can spread the cost, making it more manageable. With the Autoserve Guaranteed Maintenance contract we provide vehicle management, handling all bookings and authorising any work that is needed on the vehicle.

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