24hr Driver Helpline

Autoserve - 24hr helpline

If your car starts to make a strange noise or if you have a general question regarding your vehicle you can call Autoserve’s 24hr helpline for free advice.

As a benefit for having one of Autoserve’s fleet management packages, customers are provided with a 24 hr dedicated service which is manned by our own staff, who are ready to respond immediately to our customers needs. Our staff have many years of technical experience and are professionally qualified in their own field in order to maintain a high level of personal service. With no automated phone systems, you will speak to a member of the team every time.

At the heart of the service is a sophisticated computer system, which draws on motor manufacturer information and technical trade databases which provide invaluable data on every make and model of vehicles on UK roads.

Our 24 hr driver helpline is included, for free, as part of our Guaranteed Maintenance Package. Contact Autoserve for a Guaranteed Maintenance quote based on your vehicle specification.