Dash Cams

A Dash Camera is a small, windscreen mounted in-car camera that records in front and in some cases behind you, depending on the type of camera you have. Recording as you drive, footage can show what happened and who was at fault if an incident were to happen.

Not only will you have the peace of mind knowing you have a recording system in your vehicle, but you can potentially save on your insurance and protect your no claims when wrongly accused*. It is often difficult to recall an incident, or there can different views of the incident, these situations can be laborious and extremely stressful, but with a dash camera you can be at ease that you will be covered just in case an incident does ever occur.

Autoserve has partnered up with global dash cam manufacturer, Silent Witness, to offer you their range of dash cams at an exclusive discounted price. Silent Witness offers a wide range of dash cams including those that are both forward and rear facing, dual lense, have G-Force sensors, GPS tracking and speed recording, and some also come with built in WiFi**. Thanks to Silent Witnesses wide range of cameras, there’s a dash cam to suit your needs and budget. A “Silent Witness” you can depend on.

Dash cams have been designed to be extremely user friendly, with all footage recording onto a SD card. When you need to view the footage you simply take out the SD card and insert it into your PC. Simple and easy to use. Some models even have WiFi built in to send footage straight to a smartphone.

This is a stand alone product, none of our packages come with a dash cam included, however whether you have a Guaranteed Maintenance, Service Card, Fleet Card or an Autoserve Club membership you have access to discounted dash cams. Contact Autoserve for more information.

*depending on your insurance provider **correct as of July 2018.