Tracking & Telematics

Protect your vehicle in the event of theft with TRACKER, the UK’s leading stolen vehicle recovery specialist. Their vehicle tracking solutions are the most effective way to protect your vehicle from theft and it can even reduce your insurance premiums, saving you money!

New cars are particularly at risk of theft which is why TRACKER offers great new car security systems for drivers. Thousands of vehicles are stolen every day throughout Europe, so it’s a very real threat, particularly if you own a desirable vehicle. Be aware that certain brands or models are more sought-after and you should always invest in a vehicle tracker if you want to give your car that extra element of security.

Some thieves try to use scramblers that block the signal of an activated vehicle tracker. However, the technology used by TRACKER can actually work around these scramblers, so it can still be picked up by the authorities. The devices don’t work solely on a GPS signal, so they can offer you that extra layer of protection, should your car go missing.

TRACKER devices are hidden, so that thieves cannot find and remove them easily. When the car is reported as missing, the device will be activated to send a signal to the police. They can then track your vehicle and recover it. Depending on the type of TRACKER unit you have installed, it can also provide partial or full European tracking coverage. Partial tracking coverage includes France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Holland & Luxembourg.

Tracking and Telematics can be added to all of our products as an optional extra, please contact Autoserve for a quote. We can roll both the device purchase cost and the yearly subscription cost into your Autoserve package.